A Photo Shoot in Alanya

Surprise yourself, your partner or your family with a demanding and professional photo shoot in Alanya!

For us photography is not just a job, but a passion, a desire for expression, emotion and perfection. With us you are in the Focus. We take our time and try with patience and sensitivity to each order approach and thus achieve outstanding results.

If you think that our customers have the perfect body for a photo shoot, we have to disappoint you. As professionals, we know all the tricks of the stars and starlets in a professional shoot.

Do not go to any photographers or hotel photographers in Alanya who take standardized photos of you without paying any attention to you. We have often heard from our customers that these often have utopian or overpriced prices and usually do not stick with your prices. Often most hotel photographers are not at all a professional photographer, where the unprofessionality is not noticed until the photo shoot. That’s why you should go straight to a professional photographer, who is familiar with the posing at the photo shoot in front of the camera and helps you here and stays with his price agreement.

There is no better photographer than Photo Alanya here in Alanya. With each of our customers, we have been able to take beautiful photos of which many customers are still enthusiastic even after years and always like to come back to us. What you can read in our reviews

Shots are not counted with us, we photograph usually in the time frame until the right photos are in the box. The shoot takes about 2 hours and takes place in Alanya in fantastic locations with breathtaking scenery such as. on the famous Cleopatra beach.

The Photo Shoot Expiration

Here in this text we would like to explain to you how a photo shoot in Alanya can take place with us. Thus, the first questions that arise when you think about a photo shoot, can be answered directly.

Before the photo shoot

First, you should be clear about which direction the photo shoot should take, and discuss your own ideas with us. You are welcome to send us your own pictures, how they want to be photographed, or choose them on the homepage or direct in our shop in our presentation albums. Of course, several areas can be combined in a photo shoot. Some customers also occasionally decide during a photo shoot, in which areas they want to be photographed.

Once the basic requirements have been clarified, we will send you an appointment confirmation e-mail and a list of items to bring with you, so that you know what they need to pack when they are at home in front of their closet.

Generally you should pack these things for a photo shoot in Alanya:
• Many different garments, favorite items, specials etc.
• Accessories, including jewelry, scarves, hats, glasses, subjects, anything that may be used

The Photo Shoot

On the day of the photo shoot, it is important to discuss the details and ideas together, so that everyone is satisfied with the result. If you have not yet decided on sample images, you now have the opportunity to browse through our extensive portfolio of pictures and decide on one or more photo styles.

It took a lot of time for some people to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a photo shoot. We don’t want standard poses, but to go into each one individually, we have to find out what suits the person best and decide after. After all, every person looks different on photos and we want to catch their chocolate sides. We will give you useful tips on how to move in front of the camera so that you can get used to it quickly and get started. An occasional view of the camera display also helps to become more confident when posing.

If the photographer is sure to have the motif “in the box”, we will turn to the next photo posing, where we want to make everything possible from portrait photos to nude photography and also advise on how the respective desired photo is best implemented. In doing so, the photographer does not finish after a certain number of pictures, but photographs them until the desired photo is achieved and gladly answers questions and special requests on their part. Nobody should leave the photoshooting dissatisfied.

The Postprocessing

If then the last picture is taken, the results of the photo shoot are first completely secured. You can see all the photos from the photo shoot the next day or even after consultation on the same day. We already make a preselection and work on a part of your pictures, so that you are not completely left alone with the selection.

Now you can calmly choose your favorite photos. If you have any further wishes, we can fulfill your wishes. Once you have made your selection and paid for it, you will receive the selected photos digitally on CD or printed out as photo prints.

The digital image processing after a photo shoot is done manually by us. The photos do not run through a standard program, as is often the case with portrait photographers around the corner, but each photo is manually optimized with Photoshop. As a rule, we try to retouch the photo as naturally as possible so that the person can be recognized in the photo as well. We only optimized problem areas, e.g. Pimples, wrinkles, figure problems, etc.. By our digital photo retouches we move us on magazines level, but we retouch on request also a little bit more. According to your wishes. The time required is about 45 minutes per picture, so they have an approximate idea of time, how much time is needed for a manual professional photo retouching for a photo shoot. The photos then correspond to the quality you know from glossy magazines.

Of course, you get all the pictures in printable quality without any watermarks, so you can make as many prints yourself as you like, without having to pay overpriced prices to the photographer and so run into unexpected cost traps. With us you pay only once, then everything else is included in it. Thus, an all-round carefree package.