FAQ Your questions, our answers

Here you will find an overview of our customers' most frequently asked questions

How do we differentiate ourselves from other photographers?

Top quality of the photos and fair prices. Shots are not counted with us, we usually take pictures until the right photos are taken.You get with us always the selected or paid photos of the photo shoot as a print size on CD, so you can order the cost-effective photo prints and not, like many other photographers, the individual photo prints later have to buy expensive.

A new trick from many other photographers is to say you get all the photos from the shoot and in most cases you will get later only a web size of the photos, so that you can print the individual photos later only in stamp size. Larger photos you have to pay later always expensive!

Can I book a shoot online?

Yes, you can send us your request via our form and we will send you an offer by email. If you confirm this then your shoot is booked.

Is a shoot better at the beginning or end of the vacation?

Of course it is always better to plan at the beginning of your vacation. On the one hand, we have alternatives, if the weather does not play with us and on the other you have no sunburn.

I've never been in front of a camera. Is this a problem?

No, that’s not a problem. 90% of our customers feel that way. We’ll show you how to move in front of the camera and of course help you to “pose”. We will not leave you alone and show you all the tips and tricks of the stars and starlets.

I do not have the ideal model dimensions. Is this a problem?

No not at all. 90% of our customers feel that way. On the basis of the before / after photos you can see what we can get out of someone. We show you all the tips and tricks of the stars and starlets, so that you get great glossy photos.

What if the weather is bad?

If the weather is bad on the planned day, which is rather rare in Alanya, we will arrange a new date. We therefore recommend a shoot always to the beginning or middle of the holiday to lay.

How do I pay for the shoot?

You can pay cash at the shooting or if you wish in advance by bank transfer to our German Bank account.

How long does a photo shoot take?

Each photo shoot takes different, but you should take about two hours, because we take the time you need. When you are satisfied with the pictures, we are done, because we do not care about time pressure.

Can I have my picture taken in several areas?

Of course you can also have yourself photographed in several areas. We always recommend our customers to take part in a complete shoot, which means being photographed in the park, on the beach and in the sunset. We can also photograph you individually in other places or in the studio.

How can I imagine a shooting day?

During a shooting day we will fulfill your goals and wishes and put together a corresponding program. We will not only offer you a shooting, but also an experience day. You will experience an exciting day.

Can I have a look at the pictures during the shoot?

Yeah sure, after all, you should judge your own pictures and it often helps that you are more relaxed in front of the camera.

May I bring an accompaniment to the shoot?

Of course, if that does not bother you. Often the company can help you too.

May I choose what we do?

Of course, as long as it is legal and not too dangerous, we fulfill your wishes.

How can I choose the pictures?

We will arrange with you either on the same or the next day a time, where you can look at your photos in our shop on the PC.

Can I also print the pictures later of myself?

You will always receive your selected and paid pictures in full size (digital) and can therefore use these pictures also for photo books, calendars or posters.

How may I use the pictures?

You may use the images privately, be it for social media or a private website. In addition, you can use it to create photo books, calendars or other printed matter for private use.

You would like to give away a photo shoot. Are there any vouchers?

Yes, we also have vouchers where you can decide the amount of the voucher yourself.

What if I did not like the pictures?

In this case, which has not yet happened, you will receive your money back in full when you have paid in advance.

Do you also offer free (tfp) shootings?

Unfortunately no, it’s our job what we live for. But our prices are very cheap and you get not only the pictures, but also great memories.

Do you also offer a wedding shoot in Alanya?

Yes, we also offer wedding shoot in Alanya. Just send us your request here via our form.

Do you also offer After Wedding Shootings?

Yes, we also offer After Wedding Shootings. Just leave us your request here via our request form.

Do you also offer baby belly shootings?

Yes, we also offer baby bellyshoots. Let us have your wishes in this regard simply in a request.

Will my pictures be published on the homepage of photoalanya.com?

No, your pictures will not be published on the homepage of photoalanya.com. There are basically no photos published on our website without the express consent of the customer.

We hope we could help you, if you have a question after that, then ask us: